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Data in the NHL reports does not include games outside the league or players who never played in it.

Although there hasn't been any official competitions between the NHL and other leagues (WHA, KHL, AHL, ...) for over ninety years, at the dawn of the league the Stanley Cup series were held between the winners of the NHL and the PCHA. These series are posted on the NHL website, but their data is glaringly incomplete - the PCHA players that never set foot in the NHL are merely omitted. You will not find them scoring goals, assists or getting penalties.

These games are (NHL game IDs):
1917030211, 1917030212, 1917030213, 1917030214, 1917030215, 1918030211, 1918030212, 1918030213, 1918030214, 1918030215, 1919030211, 1919030212, 1919030213, 1919030214, 1919030215, 1921030211, 1921030212, 1921030213, 1921030214, 1921030215, 1924030311, 1924030312, 1924030313, 1924030314, 1925030311, 1925030312, 1925030313, 1925030314

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