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Overview of data and stats coverage history

Not all current stats and game data appear in all the reports. Some began appearing only after a few years, and some as late as 2010

Sometimes the data would only start appearing in the JSON feeds, sometimes it first shows up in the HTML reports. A rather useful PB live feed is no longer available. Old boxscore HTML reports also began carrying some data before it appeared in other reports or the live feed. We intend to make old reports available later.

Game data appearing in reports AFTER 1917
Data Season Source
Game Attendance 1997 HTML reports
Event Coordinates 2010 JSON feeds
Game Venue 1997 JSON feeds
Game Officials 1923 JSON feeds
On-Ice data (goals - 1999 in GS) 2007 HTML reports
Penalty Box N/A JSON feeds
Period data, inconsistent before that 2010 JSON feeds
Explicit penalty severity 2010 JSON feeds
Shot Types 2002 HTML reports
Stars of the game 1998 HTML reports
Event Team Strength 1998 HTML reports
First season when player stats appear in reports
Stat Season
assists 1917
blocked 2010
evenSaves 1997
evenShotsAgainst 1997
evenTimeOnIce 1997
faceOffWins 1997
faceoffTaken 1997
giveaways 2010
goals 1917
hits 2010
number 1917
penaltyMinutes 1917
pim 1917
plusMinus 1959
powerPlayAssists 1933
powerPlayGoals 1933
powerPlaySaves 1997
powerPlayShotsAgainst 1997
powerPlayTimeOnIce 1997
saves 1955
shortHandedAssists 1933
shortHandedGoals 1933
shortHandedSaves 1997
shortHandedShotsAgainst 1997
shortHandedTimeOnIce 1997
shots 1959
start 2003
takeaways 2010
timeOnIce 1917

hits, blocked, giveaways and takeaways data began to appear in the HTML reports in 1999 and in old boxscores in 1998.
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