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Data Sources
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Sources of NHL game information

NHL games information, as it is published by the NHL, comes from a variety of sources, in HTML or JSON format

The links below are not actual URLs but rather the printf templates to be used. The breakdown of this information comes as following:

  • Schedule
  • Game files
    • Live boxscore JSON report (main body of information)
    • Post game HTML reports:
      • RO - roster including starters and captaincy information
      • PL - play-by-play
      • ES - roster stat summary
      • GS - goals/penalty/shots summary
      • TV - shifts of Visiting team
      • TH - shifts of Home team
    • Speaking of errata, there was a useful JSON feed for events. It included penalty box data. It is no more.
  • Player information
There are other reports available, but since we do not utilize them, we cannot comment on their quality and usability.

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