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Structural and fatal errors in the HTML report files

Some HTML report files have structural and/or fatal errors that have to be fixed by editing or by creating a fixing script.

Items that required manual editing
Game Id Game Report Fix
200120123 20011023 BOS @ TOR GS Remove "2" throughout the file
200520094 20051019 NYI @ NYR GS Insert missing period for 15:35 penalty
200520094 20051019 NYI @ NYR PL Edited string with 00:28 penalty
200520233 20051109 PIT @ WPG GS Add missing TBODY closing tag
200520264 20051113 EDM @ CHI GS Fixed bogus on ice
200520305 20051119 CHI @ EDM GS Insert missing period for 5:13 penalty
200620071 20061014 DAL @ LAK PL Aligned period for event #1
200620892 20070219 PIT @ NYI GS Add missing TBODY closing tag
201320331 20131121 NYR @ DAL PL Remove invalid tag at the 7:50 event
201720463 20171211 FLA @ DET PL Fixed time -16:0-1
In addition, the following scripting action was required:
  • Removal of nonbreaking space character chr(194)=Â
  • Handling of French texts and locale
  • In the mid-2000s the ES files had a corrupt html that prevented any reasonable parser to consume it. A crude fix is as following (I know, the regex for grep can be improved):
    for i in `grep table /misc/nhl/2*/*/*/ES.html |
       grep width=100% |grep -v 'width=100%>' |
       cut -d: -f1 | sort -u`
    	sed -i s/width=100%/'width=100%>'/ $i
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